Wisdom crafters


Wisdom crafters are Sunflower people. They seek emerging ideas, facing towards the philosophical sunrise. They are creators, working hard, often in the shadows, to discover insights that change our view of things. Sometimes gently. Sometimes like a bolt of lighting.

Wisdom crafters read and when they read, they create connections in their minds between what is being considered and all the things one might also consider. It’s difficult, consuming, but wisdom crafters can’t help doing it. They need your joyful support to continue.

Wisdom crafters speak their minds and suffer (greatly) when they are confused. So, they constantly endeavor to understand themselves better - their motivations, their conditioned reasoning. They fumble around in darkness until they can shine a light on their own blindspot.

Wisdom crafters become whatever they set out to become, eventually. Which is difficult to do. Not because becoming is a hard thing (though it can be). But because the path is extremely difficult to see, know and trust. Voices shout. Don’t look there! Is this who you most want to become now? Is this meaningful? Valuable? True?

Who are you to control your own destiny?

Wisdom crafters think about thinking. Wisdom crafters talk about thoughts.

Wisdom crafters enjoy life deeply and sometimes (often?) they try to hide that fact. Others have embarrassed them for being “too sensitive” or “melodramatic” or for preferring natural beauty to things we are supposed to want (like Walmart, fast food and beer.)

Wisdom crafters value one thing above all else: truth. A thing must be considered, have substance and soundness before it is accepted. Once something is accepted, wisdom crafters play with it, turn it over and look at it from all the angles.

Wisdom crafters thrive in solitude. Focused attention is sun, water and nourishment for their soil. They blossom when given an afternoon on their own. They may not know what to do with it because there are a great many possibilities. Time itself can feel overwhelming, in a good way, usually.

They might be shy; they are often bold. They can’t help but speak up. This does not mean they are thick skinned. They suffer the arrows of derision like everyone else does. Many are slung at them.

Wisdom crafters drive their own bus. They feel frightened and off kilter when they’ve relinquished their reasoned navigation to other’s people’s “leadership”. They relinquish to get safety or security but that never works out for long. They prefer to leave the bus and walk, even if others call them crazy, until they can drive along the best right path for themselves again.

Wisdom crafters practice self awareness, they journal or meditate or anything that enables them to “see” deeply, know strongly and grow their intuitive power.

Wisdom crafters must often wait decades before they know they are wisdom crafters. Once they know though, they discover true joy.

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